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Foots Barn, North Hill, Cornwall

Even before its renovation, this substantial barn certainly had the ‘wow’ factor with its historical and original features which even included arrow slit windows!

Our proposal for the barn included a contemporary single storey garden room to the rear with the installation of  a Bio diverse green roof with planting that was chosen specifically for its orientation.  This extension allowed for a flexible layout which embraced the original large volumes of the barn.

Simple recessed double glazed timber casement windows and doors were specified and rooflights were consolidated in key areas to minimise their impact.

The renovation included the provision of a modern heating system powered by a wood pellet boiler with solar panels to provide additional hot water.  A rainwater harvesting system further minimised the carbon footprint of the proposal.

A mixture of hard and soft landscaping areas were created to give a greater interaction between the inside and outside spaces without over domesticating the external areas. The barn will now blend in perfectly with its environment including the adjacent Parish Church.